Corporate Information

Privacy Policy

1.Personal Information Protection Policy
Regarding personal information provided to us and obtained through other sources, we will make every effort to strive and actualize appropriate collection, use, and safety control by complying with laws and related regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information.
2.Treatment of Personal Information
  • (1) In the case we acquire, hold, use and disclose customer’s personal information, we will make every effort not to infringe on the rights and profits of the concerned person.
  • (2) We will take necessary safety precaution procedures in order to prevent disclosure, loss, and defamation of personal information.
  • (3) We will use personal information only to achieve following objectives.
    a.To maintain and improve our service standard by analyzing the information.
    b.To deliver ordered products and send catalogues, leaflets, using phone calls to provide other information.
  • (4) As a general rule, private information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party with the exception if it is legally required by judicial order or application of law, regulations or ordinances.