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A taste from a person to a person

We pride ourselves in creating fine tastes and food scenes


Sanyo foods Co., Ltd have been sustaining efforts to satisfy both people who serve food and people who enjoy food.As a result of our relentless pursuit of seeking real “value of food”, we have continued to realize a variety of new ideas, refine our technical know-how, and provide services and products that are truly useful for our customers so that we can continue to satisfy our customers’ requests and also win even greater confidence in our products.Nowadays “food culture” is becoming more borderless. People’s value of food is also changing dramatically matching sceneries of each personal lifestyle. For example, food is a source of pleasure, comfort and security. Food is also a symbol of hospitality, social status, and religious significance. What we select to eat, how we prepare it, serve it, and even how we eat it are all factors profoundly touched by our individual cultural inheritance.Since our company was founded in the year 1954, we have been working hard to maintain and enhance quality standard of our products. Despite of the various changes in our environment, our craftsmanship and know-how inherited from our predecessors especially for our renowned soft type smoked salmon and trout products are still regarded as our most valuable assets.Sanyo will continue to be a company that exceeds the expectation of all our customers and play an important role in creating gastronomic culture which will lead to the next generation. As always, we would like to thank you for your trust and reliance to our “SANYO” brand and also appreciate your continual suggestion and support.


Yasuo Mitani