Corporate Information


1954 ・Founding of company at Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
1957 ・ Establishment of head office, business office, and factory at Eitai, Koto-ku Tokyo.
・ Succeeded in developing new product “New Hot Smoked Red Salmon.”
1958 ・ 1958 After trial and error succeeded in developing so-called “Scandinavian type soft
smoked salmon” completely different type of texture and quality from previous conventional products. Mass production starts.
1963 ・In order to secure stable supply of raw materials, direct purchasing from Akaska starts.
・Expansion of business and operation starts supported by Mitsubishi Corporation.
1968 ・In order to satisfy the increasing demand, new comprehensive processing factory with modern machinery installed was newly established at Urayasu-shi, Chiba.
1978 ・One of the newest and biggest scale smoked salmon processing factory in the world at that time was established at Shiriuchi, Hokkaido.
Sanyo Food became the top manufacturer of smoked salmon in Japan.
1981 ・Inheriting the tradition and modern technology the new “Sanyo Foods Co, Ltd” was established at Urahasu-shi, Chiba.
1982 ・Opening of Osaka Sales Office (the present Kansai Sales Office).
1983 ・TQC and CIS were introduced in order to improve quality control and to provide high standard service.
1987 ・Opening of Sapporo Sales Office.
1990 ・Opening of Sales & Logistics Center at Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
1991 ・Opening of Fukuoka Sales Office.
・Opening of Kashima factory.
1994 ・Opening of Tohoku Sales Office (Sendai, Miyagi).
1995 ・Integrating Sales & Logistics departments to head office.
1998 ・The new computer information system starts operation.
2000 ・The new office building and factory completed at Ichikawa-shi, Chiba.
At the same time integrated and merged the head office, Kashima factory, processing and distribution center functions to the same location.・Merging Tohoku Sales Office to head office and Fukuoka Sales Office to Kansai Sales office in order to attain concentration and to strengthen sales and marketing.
2002 ・Relocated Kansai Sales Office to Suita-shi, Osaka.
2005 ・Shiriuchi Factory(Hokkaido) obtained HACCP Certification [Smoked Salmon : FDA: HACCP(Japan Fisheries Association)]
2006 ・2006 Shiohama Factory (head office) obtained HACCP Certification[Seafood Terrine : FDA:HACCP(Japan Fisheries Association)]
2015 ・Opening of Fukuoka and Sendai resident office.